MILQ milk frother
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MILQ milk frother

Price list
MILQ models available
 Steam wand with 1/8" GAS screws threads
35.00 Euro
 Steam wand with M10x1 screws threads
35.00 Euro

Shipping charges
Shipping & handling, worldwide
 StandardTime limited offer
1 MILQ25.00 Euro25.00 Euro
2 MILQ20.00 EuroFree
3 MILQ 15.00 EuroFree
4 MILQ10.00 EuroFree
5+ MILQFreeFree
Duty charges excluded.

Delivery time
We ship your order next day, please allow 4 to 10 days for delivery, depending on country of destination and customs procedures.


  • 12 months free replacement of defective and broken parts, free delivery worldwide.
  • 30 days payback warranty, shipping charges excluded.

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