MILQ milk frother
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MILQ milk frother
Worldwide patented

Manual cappuccino maker: simple and effective
The MILQ milk frother is a small accessory that you can fit to the steam wand on your espresso coffee machine.

It whisks and heats milk to make cappuccinos.
MILQ milk frother
MILQ milk frother

What are its advantages?
The MILQ makes whisking milk for cappuccinos much easier.

It does not require any experience or manual skill and gives you excellent results every time.

What is it made of?
The MILQ only has two parts:

  1. arnite injector nozzle,
  2. soft silicone frother.

How do you fit it?
The MILQ screws directly into the steam wand in 3 easy steps:

  1. unscrew the conventional steam spout,
  2. screw in the supplied injector nozzle,
  3. push in the silicone frother.

How do you adjust it?
If the MILQ is too much long for your espresso machine, just short it, cutting with a scissor the soft silicone inlet and outlet tubes.

How do you use it?
With the MILQ there is no need to change the way you make cappuccinos:

  1. partially fill the milk jug with milk,
  2. dip the MILQ until it touches the bottom of the jug,
  3. open the steam valve,
  4. leave for a few seconds depending on the amount of milk to be whisked,
  5. turn off the steam.
The milk is whisked and ready for your cappuccino!

For best results:

  1. fill the jug to the point where the milk just touches the central tube of the silicone frother,
  2. do not completely dip the injector nozzle in the milk,
  3. the MILQ works perfectly when placed vertically,
  4. use cold milk and jug.

To rinse the MILQ:

  1. fill a jug with water,
  2. dip completely the MILQ including the injector nozzle,
  3. turn on the steam and leave for a few seconds.
To clean thoroughly, remove the silicone frother and wash it in detergent.

If the MILQ no longer works properly, the vent hole on the silicone frother is probably clogged.

To unclog it and restore the MILQ to perfect working order, just dismantle the silicone frother and squeeze it under a running tap.

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